Conserving heritage breed poultry in North Carolina
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Narragansett Turkeys


The Narragansett was the turkey found on the Thanksgiving table of folks living in New England a century and a half ago. Unfortunately, this variety of turkey was pushed out of the marketplace, nearly to extinction, by larger birds that grow faster in confinement: first, the bronze turkey, and later, the white hybrid turkey. We'd like to reintroduce more American families to the superior taste of the historic Narragansett turkey, which is productive in less intensive, pastured-based settings. 

These birds, like other heritage turkeys, are good at finding some of their own groceries, such as bugs and greens, out in the woods and fields of small farms.

We can ship hatching eggs or baby poultry from our flock via U.S Postal Service within the continental United States. Chickcharney Farm participates in the National Poultry Improvement Plan, and our flock is Avian Influenza Clean and Pullorum-Typhoid Clean (NPIP #55-1006).