Conserving heritage breed poultry in North Carolina
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Magpie Ducks

The Magpie duck is a rare, lightweight breed of domesticated duck. The breed population status is listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. Adult weight is approximately 4-5 lbs. The ducklings grow rapidly and the hens are very productive layers of extra-large white to light green eggs. 

We select additions to our breeding flock based on color pattern, vigor, free-ranging ability, and egg production. These ducks are all-purpose, whether you are looking for beautiful pets, bug hunters, pond ornaments, gourmet quality lean meat and eggs, or even a 4-H or classroom project.

Most or all of the ducklings will have a black and white pattern, a small percentage of ducklings might have a blue and white pattern, and rarely, a Magpie hatchling will be pure white.

We can ship hatching eggs or baby poultry from our flock via U.S Postal Service within the continental United States. Chickcharney Farm participates in the National Poultry Improvement Plan, and our flock is Avian Influenza Clean and Pullorum-Typhoid Clean (NPIP #55-1006).