Conserving heritage breed poultry in North Carolina
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Delaware Chickens

People often ask us for recommendations for a good dual-purpose chicken breed; the Delaware chicken is our top pick. 

Delawares are excellent dual purpose chickens with extroverted personalities that make them interesting farmyard companions. The hens lay plenty of large brown eggs, and the cockerels are fast-growing. 
The breed had a brief heyday in the United States in middle of the last century as a popular broiler breed. Now the Livestock Conservancy lists the Delaware breed's conservation status as Threatened. 

In selecting birds for the breeding flock, we aim for the APA Standard of Perfection as well as good production qualities on pasture conditions; only the productive hens and large, gentle roosters stay
. Birds from our flock have won Best of Breed awards at national and state poultry shows. 
We can ship hatching eggs or baby poultry from our flock via U.S Postal Service within the continental United States. Chickcharney Farm participates in the National Poultry Improvement Plan, and our flock is Avian Influenza Clean and Pullorum-Typhoid Clean (NPIP #55-1006).