Conserving heritage breed poultry in North Carolina
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Blue Hen Chickens


The Blue Hen of Delaware is a strain of American game fowl whose history (and mystery) dates back to the Revolutionary War. The Blue Hen chicken was named the State Bird of Delaware in 1939, and serves as the mascot for the University of Delaware. The mystery is whether the original Blue Hen moniker referred to Captain Caldwell's fighting chickens or his well-dressed soldiers. Tradition says that both Blue Hen gamecocks and Captain Caldwell's 1775 company of militia brave were brave fighters.
Blue Hen chickens are very hard to find. University of Delaware has a flock that S. Hallock duPont developed in the last century. We have duPont strain Blue Hens on our farm, and we also keep an old strain of Blue Hens that had been carefully tended by a Delaware gamefowl breeder for decades. The old game strain retains the pugnacious and courageous characteristics of other American game fowl. 
These birds are beautiful and enjoyable backyard companions. Hens lay small white to cream colored eggs, and are typically broody and attentive mothers. Like other blue varieties of fowl, Blue Hens come in black, blue, and splash colors and you'll receive a mix of colors in our hatching eggs or chicks.
We can ship hatching eggs or baby poultry from our flock via U.S Postal Service within the continental United States. Chickcharney Farm participates in the National Poultry Improvement Plan, and our flock is Avian Influenza Clean and Pullorum-Typhoid Clean (NPIP #55-1006).